Setting up SecurePrint for Windows

SecurePrint allows you to securely print a document, which can then be printed from any department MFP on campus after entering in your MFP PIN. 

1. In the search bar towards the bottom left of the screen, type in \\mfp-printers and click [enter].


2. A explorer dialog window should appear, listing all the MFP-printers available on our campus network. On the top right, type in "Secure" in the search box and click [enter]


3. Right-click the SecurePrint share and select "connect" to begin adding it. Once it is completed, you might see the print queue pop-up indicate that it has finish installation. 

4. After setup, you are now ready to send print jobs using SecurePrint. When sending print jobs from your preferred application, ensure that you have selected the SecurePrint printer. 


5. Once your print job has been sent, head over to your nearest MFP and login. After logging in, you will see a similar screen like the following, select the Secure Print option. 


6. Here, select the Print option 


7. From here, you should see a list of your active print jobs sent from the queue, ready to be release / printed. Select Print + Delete to begin printing. 



Let us know if this doesn't work for you by submitting a ticket through this link:


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