How to update your password on the MFP for Level 1 scanning to Box

If you scan Level 1 Data to Box, you will need to update your password on the MFP anytime you change your campus password. To do this, you will need to go to the MFP and update your scanning entry in the address book with your new password. 

1. Login to MFP with your PIN
MFP login screen

2. Go to Scan and Send
Scan and send screenshot

3. Go to Address Book
Address book screenshot

4. Press ‘To Local’ in the top right
Address book To Local screenshot

5. Press "Register/Other", then "Register/Edit" 
Register/Edit screenshot

6. Select the Address Book entry you use to scan, then press "Details/Edit"
Details/Edit screenshot

7. Press next until you get to the page with the "Password" field, then press "Password"
Scanning settings screenshot

8. Enter in your new password, press "OK", then enter in your password again, and press "OK" again.
Password field screenshot

9. Press "OK" again to confirm your changes
Scanning settings screenshot

10. Press "Close" to go back to the Address Book
Address book screenshot


Your password should now be up to date. Select your scanning destination from the Address Book and try scanning once more. Please note that you must be logged into your computer with Box running for the scan to go through.

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