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Information about the Cascade WCMS, web accessibility, and website best practices.

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Tutorials on Cascade 3.0

Web Accessibility

Online content and multimedia best practices for accessibility.

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Cascade FAQs

Common questions for Cascade

Cleaning Up Your Site

Over time, department sites can get out of control. Is yours full of out-of-date content or difficult for users to navigate? How do you even begin thinking about cleaning it up? First, ask some questions and gather data. Then, just start!

Event & Department Information Format Cheatsheet

Consistency is best practice when writing on the web, here's a guide on how to add the time, date, and other formats.

How to access the Website Engagement Report Dashboard

Login instructions for accessing Engagement Report dashboards.

How to Make Spelling Decisions in Siteimprove

Guideline for making decisions about how to use Siteimprove dictionary.

Improving the Security of your YourWeb account

This article will cover how to improve the security of a Chico State YourWeb account.

Mobile View With Chrome Inspect

Preview see what your web page looks like on a mobile device using Chrome Inspect.

Request Google to Remove Broken Link From Search Index

When deleting a page from the web the Google search index does not automatically update. You can speed the process of taking down the broken link from the search index by contacting Google.

Site Maintainers Most Common Issues

Demonstrating how to fix the most common errors flagged by Siteimprove.

University Catalog Link: Best Practices

Prevent out-of-date catalog links on your web pages.