Cleaning Up Your Site

Over time, department sites can get out of control. Is yours full of out-of-date content or difficult for users to navigate? How do you even begin thinking about cleaning it up? First, ask some questions and gather data. Then, just start!

Define Your Goals and Audience

Take some time to define what you’re hoping to accomplish with your site so you can check

back and make sure your changes are consistent with your goals. Ask yourself questions like

the following:

● What is the purpose of your site?

● Who is your audience?

● What are your visitors looking for? ...and what are they finding?

● What action(s) do you hope to inspire?

Look at Page Views

Site analytics are a powerful tool. Look at page views to see if visitors are getting to the content they need — if they aren’t, think about ways to make that content easier to find. Delete pages that aren’t getting views.

Request site analytics

Delete Freely

Your users aren’t served by out-of-date or incorrect content. Don’t worry too much about breaking links. It’d be better to have someone contact you looking for the right information than to give them incorrect information.

Write for the Web

The University Communicators Guide includes a section on Web Writing. Take a look at it before you start writing content. It will help you write for your audience, making your content stay consistent with the CSU, Chico style.

It’s Okay to Be Wrong

Remember, your site isn’t set in stone. The web is always changing, and it’s easy to update. Iterate — come up with a plan, make updates, listen for feedback, learn, repeat!

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