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Configuring Microsoft Outlook for campus Exchange email.

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Accessing Exchange E-mail

Microsoft Exchange is the primary means of e-mail communication for faculty and staff. Exchange e-mail addresses end in "" as opposed to WildcatMail, the primary e-mail system for Student whose e-mail addresses end with "".
In Summer 2015, the campus migrated to Exchange 365. This upgrade introduced a new and improved version of Outlook Web Access and may require some changes to e-mail client configuration, especially from off-campus.

Change Exchange Password on iPad or iPhone

This article shows you how to update your Exchange email password on all iOS devices.

Compromised Account Settings (Exchange)

If your Exchange account gets compromised, follow these steps to secure your account.

Configuring an Android Device (Exchange)

Configure Exchange on an Android Device

Exchange Email Setup for iPhones & iPads

This article shows how how to add and remove exchange email accounts for iOS devices.

Exchange FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Exchange Email

Forwarding Exchange Email

Instructions for forwarding Exchange email.

How to Encrypt and Restrict Emails to Chico State Employees

Office 365 provides users the ability to encrypt their message and restrict the distribution to only those who s/he names in the original email. The user will have the confidence in knowing that their message will be restricted from copying, printing and taking screenshots of the content by others.

Setting up Exchange email with Mac Mail

This article shows you how to use your Exchange email with Mac Mail.