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How do I access OWA?

Browse to and enter your domain username and password. 

What is my username?

Use your exchange email address for your username. For example, use not jsmith or chico\jsmith.

Why can't I modify groups through Outlook anymore?

Groups reside locally at Chico State. Since your Outlook client is connecting to the cloud, it cannot access the groups at Chico State. In order to modify groups follow these directions. 
Managing Groups

Why am I constantly prompted for my username and password?

On campus we are used to user names such as chico\jsmith or jsmith.​  In the cloud, there are many jsmiths, and in order to tell the cloud which jsmith you are, you need to specify the domain name such as

Not good:


What's the server name?

Why is my Outlook Inbox loading slowly or slow to search?

The mailbox quota for Exchange Online is much larger, but Microsoft recommends keeping fewer than 2,000 items in each folder. Delete or move messages out of your Inbox to decrease load time and make searches faster.

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