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Accessing Microsoft Office 365 Email 

There are two ways to access your Microsoft Office 365 email: the Outlook Web App (OWA) and the Outlook app.

Outlook App (Desktop or Mobile)

Outlook Desktop App (Mac or PC):

Android devices:

iPhones & iPads:

MacMail (Default app on Mac):

Outlook Web App (OWA)

Navigate to and enter your Chico email and password. 

Exchange log in

You will get prompted to approve your sign-in via Duo. Use your preferred method to sign in. If you need help with Duo, click here or contact IT Support Services.

Duo Prompt

If you are on your own computer (not shared) you can click "Yes" on the "Stay signed in?" window. 


Setting an Email Signature

Visit the University Style Guide to generate an email signature: 

Adding an email signature in Outlook is a great way to make your messages look more professional and official. If included, it also displays your contact information, pronouns, website or portfolio site, and more. A well-composed email signature is a digital representation of a professional business card. 

If you need further assistance setting your email signature, review Microsoft's support article or contact IT Support Services.

Email Management

Organizing your Inbox

Please see our article on Creating Folders and Rules in Outlook for both the Outlook Web App and the Outlook Desktop App (Mac and PC)

For tips on organizing your inbox in the Outlook Desktop App on PC, see Microsoft's article here: Organize your inbox in Outlook for Windows This article includes information on using folders and rules, flagging emails, and archiving emails.

For tips on organizing your inbox in the Outlook Web App, see Microsoft's article here: Organize your inbox in Outlook for the Web

Setting an Out-of-Office Message

Setting an automatic out-of-office message in Outlook can let others know when you're unavailable. For instructions on setting it up, please see Microsoft's support page:

Recovering Deleted Emails

If you accidentally delete an email that you meant to retain, you may be able to recover it for a period of time.

  • Navigate to the Outlook Web App
  • Click on the Deleted Items folder
  • Select "Recover items deleted from this folder"
    • It should tell you how many items are in that folder

Focused Inbox

Outlook has a feature called "Focused inbox" that acts as a default location for emails determined to be important. Other emails get filtered out to the "Other inbox". If you'd like to have all emails in one place and turn this feature off, please see the Microsoft support page here:

Junk Mail

Important emails occasionally get filtered out as junk. IT Support Services recommends checking the "Junk Mail" folder as needed, and marking emails as "Not Junk" if they are important.

If you notice emails from Chico State getting sent to Junk, please put in a ticket here with the following details:

  • Email Header
  • Email Subject
  • Date & Time it was received
  • Sender name & email

Calendar Management

Please see our article on Creating Calendars and Events in Outlook for both the Outlook Web App and the Outlook Desktop App (Mac and PC).

Microsoft Bookings

Most faculty and staff on campus have access to Microsoft Bookings. Microsoft Bookings allows users to create their own schedules and manage appointments easily. For getting started with Microsoft Bookings, see our article here:

Syncing Calendars

You can sync your Outlook and Google Calendars to display events on both platforms. 

You can also import LMS calendars into both Google Calendar and Outlook calendar:

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the server name?

If prompted to enter a server name, put in

Why is my Outlook inbox loading slowly or slow to search?

The mailbox quota for the Outlook Web App is much larger, but Microsoft recommends keeping fewer than 2,000 items in each folder. Delete or move messages out of your Inbox to decrease load time and make searches faster.

What are the size limits for Outlook attachments?

Size limits for Outlook attachments depend on your email client. Click the link here to look up message limits for the Microsoft Office Online Plan 2:

What is a protected email? How do I protect my emails?

Chico State will occasionally send emails with an "Intended Recipients Only" or other protected status. If you see this on an email, this means that recipients can't forward, print, or copy content. This can be used when an email contains sensitive information or information that should not be forwarded or otherwise sent outside of the Chico State email system.

If you want to protect an email, you will look for the Encryption options on your chosen Outlook client (either website or Desktop Applications); the icon should look like a lock. Once you click on it, you should see options to either No Permission Set, Do Not Forward, or Encrypt.

Have more questions? 

See our Knowledge Base category for more information about how to use Microsoft Office 365 Email:

Other Resources

View our video playlist here for additional resources and step-by-step video guides for Microsoft Office 365 Email:

Microsoft's support page has more instruction guides:
Please note, some features may be disabled or turned off for Chico State email accounts. If you have questions or need support, please put in a ticket here:

LinkedIn Learning (provided by Chico State) also has courses for learning to use Outlook.
Make sure you're signed into LinkedIn Learning, then click this link:


Please do not leave the comment section blank! Provide constructive feedback to make this page better. Further inquiries can be forwarded to ITSS in MeriamLibrary 142 or via phone at .

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