Exchange Email Setup for Android Devices

Configure an Android Device

To begin using modern authentication, users can remove their account on their Android device and begin using the Outlook application.

Follow the steps below to switch from legacy ActiveSync to modern authentication. Accounts that are not transitioned to modern authentication by October 2022 will be logged out of the account, requiring the user to login through the modern authentication method. You may skip the deleting steps if your account authenticated with Duo on the device prior.

Deleting the account: 

  1. Open the Gmail App
  2. Tap the Account icon in the top right to view all accounts
  3. Choose "Manage Accounts on this device"
  4. Select your mail account from the list 
  5. Remove the account

Installing Outlook on Android

Re-adding the account via Outlook App:

  1. Install the Outlook App through your device's native app store, if you have not done so already. This is recommended for Android devices. 
  2. Once installed, open the Outlook app and tap "Get Started" 
  3. Select "Add Account" and enter your Chico State email address (
  4. Enter your Chico State password and hit "Sign in"
  5. Make sure that you get a Duo prompt after this screen. If you don't get a Duo prompt, you have not authenticated properly and may need to try again. 

If you experience any issues or have questions or concerns, please call ITSS at (530) 898-4357.

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