Provides detailed instructions for using the Chico State Canvas template applied to all courses by default.

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Pinned Article Editing your Canvas Course Home Page

The Technology and Learning Program has provided a default home page "template" for all Fall 2023 Canvas courses.

This template is meant to be a quick way for anyone to start teaching with Canvas. We understand that no template will meet the needs of everyone and welcome your input. Furthermore, if you want to use a custom home page, you can do that too. This article provides instructions for editing the Canvas Home page.

Design Canvas Pages Using Best Practices

Describes Canvas page design guidelines

How Can I Simplify Canvas Course Navigation for Students?

This guide provides instructions for instructors on how to simplify the Canvas course navigation to make course materials and activities more accessible for students, enhancing the overall usability of the course.

How Do I Import Customized Page Layout Templates for My Canvas Course?

This guide provides instructions on importing customized page layout templates into Canvas courses for Chico State, enhancing course appearance and navigation.