How are course IDs generated in Canvas?

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Understanding how Canvas course IDs are generated can significantly ease the process of managing courses and navigating the Canvas Learning Management System. This article will explain the structure of a Canvas course ID, which is derived from PeopleSoft data, and how to decode Canvas term codes. By understanding these elements, you can more efficiently manage your courses, ensuring you're working with the correct sections and terms.

Find the Course ID

On the Canvas dashboard, the course ID displays between the course name and term:

Canvas dashboard card with the course ID highlighted.

Inside the course, the course ID displays in the breadcrumb navigation at the top of the screen:

Inside of a course in Canvas, the course ID in the breadcrumb navigation is highlighted.

Did You Know? In most places where you can search for a course by name, Canvas also accepts the course ID. For example, when importing content from a course, enter "2242-" to show all your Spring 2024 courses. See "Understanding the Term Code" below for help understanding how term codes are determined.

Understanding the Parts of a Course ID

Here's how to break down a typical course ID, using 2242-BIOL-102-03-3963 as an example:

Parts of course ID 2242-BIOL-102-03-3963
Item Text Notes
Term Code 2242 4 digit term code. 2242 is Spring 2024.
Subject BIOL 4 letter subject code. BIOL is Biology.
Course number 102 3 digit course number, sometimes has a letter appended.
Section number 03 2-3 digit section number.
Class number 3963 4 digit class number.

Understanding the Term Code

Understanding the anatomy of a Canvas term code can help differentiate similar courses in different areas of Canvas:

  1. First Digit (2): Indicates the millennium (2 for 2000s).
  2. Middle Two Digits (24): Represent the last two digits of the year (24 for 2024).
  3. Final Digit (8): Denotes the term's starting month (8 for August).

By combining these elements, you can decode any term code to understand the specific term and year it represents. For example, 2248 decodes to Fall 2024.


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