Eduroam Known Issues

Google Pixel Unable to Connect

Known Issue: After following the instructions to set up an Android device on eduroam, Google Pixel devices may get stuck at "Saved" or "Unable to connect" 

Resolution: Set all wireless settings as:

  • EAP method:  PEAP
  • Phase 2 authentication:  MSCHAPV2
  • CA certificate:  Use system Certificates  (if this option is not available select: Do Not Validate)
  • Online Certificate Status: Trust on First Use
  • Domain:
  • Identity: your FULL Chico State email (
  • Password: your Chico password
  • Anonymous Identity:
    • We are aware of the typo using two n's in "". Please make sure to include it exactly as shown.

Intermittent Wireless Internet Access

Known Issue: After successfully running the Eduroam installer and connecting to the internet the connection may subsequently be intermittent.

Symptoms: Even if there is full wireless signal strength some devices may be unable to connect to the internet if the device has selected the csuchico or csuchico-guest network instead of eduroam.

Reason: The eduroam network should be used once the setup is complete. The csuchico-guest network is only for campus guests. Chico Faculty, Staff, and Students cannot authenticate to the csuchico-guest network.

Workaround: Your device can be set to "forget" the csuchico and csuchico-guest networks. 

iOS: Settings > Wi-Fi > Select csuchico or csuchico-guest > Select Forget.
Android: Settings > Wi-Fi > Press and hold on csuchico or csuchico-guest > Select Forget.
Windows: Right-click on csuchico or csuchico-guest > Select Forget this network.
Mac OS:  Select the Wi-Fi symbol along the top menu bar > Open Network Preferences > WiFi > Advanced > Select csuchico or csuchico-guest > Click the minus sign.

Unable to connect to or setup Eduroam (All devices)

Symptoms: The device will not be able to complete the eduroam configuration because it is not "verified" or will be unable to connect to webpages.

Reason: They require the correct date and time to be set on the device in order to confirm the application is legitimate.

Workaround: Manually set the date and time to the correct date or sync the time automatically on a non-campus network.

Windows Phone

Known Issue: Unable to set up/connect with eduroam.

Symptoms: The device will not be able to connect to the eduroam network.

Reason: Currently, most Windows phones do not support EAP-TTLS which is used to connect to the eduroam network.

Workaround: Windows phones are able to connect to the "csuchico" network and sign in to access the network via the phone web browser.  Please contact ITSS at or visit their office in MLIB 142 if the device is unable to connect to the "csuchico" network.

 Still need help? Visit IT Support Services in Meriam Library 142 for further assistance.
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