Respondus is a system-wide licensed 3rd party software solution to import and export tests in BB. The tool can enable the creation of a BB test from a publisher test bank, a test written and formatted for print and for the reverse (creating a printable version of a BB test).

The following document covers the most common Chico uses of Respondus:

- Removing conflicting formatting from Word.doc (printable tests) for importation into Respondus.
- Adding necessary formatting for proper importation for several most common question types.
- Instructions and workflow for using Respondus

NOTE: Respondus is ONLY available for PC and can be obtained from the Support tab in Blackboard Learn [support icon]. Click Support and then type in Respondus to get to the article with a download link and the license key.

Articles (3)

Pinned Article Getting Started with Respondus

Instructions and workflow for using Respondus

Downloading Respondus

Steps to take when installing Respondus on your PC.

Formatting Questions for Import to Respondus

This is a quick guide for formatting a test question for import into respondus which can then print a test or export it to a learning management system