Accessing Respondus

Respondus is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed or published directly to the Learning Management System (LMS)

1. Download:

a) Download Respondus for Windows (Run the installer .EXE file after download but first unzip the file) There is no Macintosh version of Respondus, but you may use the software in the TLP Lab or visit MLIB 459 for further assistance. If you are on a campus machine you will need to request ITSS to install this software because it requires admin access.

You can request software installation via the following ticket request:

b) Check for new update within Respondus under the Help menu.

2. Licensing Password:

After installing, you must enter name of the institution, the local support contact, and the installation password. Because this is a public KB we have moved this information within Canvas. Please log in to Canvas, select Help > Start Search Here and search for Respondus.

Screenshot of a support window with respondus in the search box and Respondus 4.0 Test Builder in the search results with an arrow pointing to it



  1. Immediately after installing Respondus, check for updates. Install any updates available.
  2. Select the appropriate personality from the Start tab in Respondus (Canvas or Blackboard)
  3. Select Chico's Blackboard or Canvas instance and follow the prompts to authenticate
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