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What is Respondus?

Respondus is a system-wide licensed 3rd party software solution to import and export tests in Canvas.  The tool can enable the creation of a Canvas quiz from a publisher test bank, a test written and formatted for print and for the reverse (creating a printable version of a Canvas quiz).

This document covers the most common Chico State use cases of Respondus:

  • Removing conflicting formatting from Word.doc (printable tests) for importation into Respondus. 
  • Adding necessary formatting for proper importation for several most common question types.
  • Instructions and workflow for using Respondus

NOTE: Respondus is ONLY available for PC (Windows) and can be obtained from the Help menu on Canvas. 

Select Help > Start Search Here. Type Respondus into the search bar to get to the article with a download link and the license key.

Quicklinks: | Downloading Respondus | Guides and VideosFormatting Tests for Respondus | Using Respondus |

Downloading Respondus

For information on downloading and installing Respondus, see:

Downloading Respondus

Respondus Guides and Videos

Respondus support page with User Guides and Videos of several common activities

Formatting Tests for Respondus

Formatting Questions for Import to Respondus

Using Respondus

Uploading questions into Respondus

  1. Open Respondus
    Screenshot of Windows search with Respondus in the search box

  2. Once open select Import Questions

Screenshot of Respondus main menu with import questions highlighted

  1. In the Import Questions menu

    1. Select the file to Import

      1. Make sure Type of File is Plain Text

      2. In File name select browse and find the word document containing the test questions
        Screenshot of part 1 of import questions in Respondus

    2. Choose where to add the new Questions

      1. Choose Create a new document, named and give it the title as you want it to appear in Canvas

      2. For type of file to create make sure Exam is checkedScreenshot of part 2 of import questions in Respondus

    3. Use the Preview button to check for problems

      1. If warnings appear fix them in word documents and use the preview option again.Screenshot of part 3 and 4 of import questions in Respondus

    4. When no warnings appear, Press the Finish button to complete the process


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