Contains articles on scheduling live Zoom meetings within Canvas and adding a link for office hours.

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Pinned Article How Do I Add My Zoom Student Office Hours in Canvas?

This article provides instructions for adding a Zoom office hours link to your Canvas course that will be valid even after a course copy each semester.

Pinned Article How Do I Schedule a Zoom Meeting in Canvas?

This article provides an overview of Zoom integration with Canvas, when to use it, and instructions for scheduling a Zoom meeting using the integration.

How do I fix caption language mismatches in Kaltura videos from Zoom recordings?

Videos imported into Kaltura from Zoom Cloud Recordings may have captions in a different language due to meeting participants changing the captioning language. To prevent this, enable "Lock Caption Language for this meeting" in Zoom and to fix existing recordings, order new captions in Kaltura and delete the incorrect ZOOM_CC captions.

How Do I View Zoom Poll Reports in Canvas?

This article shows you how to view poll and attendance reports from within your Canvas course using the Zoom integration tool.