Contains Zoom information for faculty, focusing specifically on the Zoom integration with Canvas, along with specific tips for managing student participation in meetings.

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Pinned Article Adding Zoom Office Hours in Canvas

This article provides instructions for adding a Zoom office hours link to your Canvas course that will be valid even after a course copy each semester.

Pinned Article Schedule a Zoom Meeting in Canvas

This article provides an overview of Zoom integration with Canvas, when to use it, and instructions for scheduling a Zoom meeting using the integration.

Accessing Zoom Audio Transcriptions

After recording a Zoom Meeting to the cloud you can access, review and edit the full audio transcript through your Chico Zoom Portal.

Accessing Zoom Recordings from the Zoom Portal

If you record to the cloud, your Zoom recording should automatically transfer to Kaltura, Chico State's media server. However, if Kaltura is having prolonged issues, you can share a direct link to the zoom recording from
Warning: the Zoom cloud recordings are only valid for 30 days.

Allow Participants to Choose Breakout Rooms

The meeting host can enable participants to choose their own breakout room. This helps make breakout rooms easier to manage.

Annotating your Screenshare in Zoom

Contains instructions for starting a screen share, enabling annotation, annotating on a shared screen, annotating on a shared Zoom whiteboard, and the benefits of annotating on a shared Zoom whiteboard using a tablet.

Creating Breakout Rooms During Your Meeting

Breakout rooms allow you to split your Zoom meeting in up to 50 separate sessions. The meeting host or co-host can choose to split the participants of the meeting into these separate sessions automatically or manually, or they can allow participants to select and enter breakout sessions as they please. The host or co-host can switch between sessions at any time. Although Zoom Support has good information on managing breakout rooms, we wanted to highlight a few limitations for you here.

Enabling Audio Transcriptions and Captions in Zoom

Zoom has an automatic captioning feature which can be enabled through your Zoom Account.  The feature allows for live transcriptions during meetings and the ability to save the meeting transcript as an editable, search-able document.

Opening & Managing Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms During your Meeting

The following tasks can only be done during your live Zoom meeting:
- Allow participants to choose their own room (best practice in case something goes wrong)
- Open Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms
- Recover Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms

Polling for Zoom Meetings

Process for enabling polling, creating and launching polling.

Pre-Assigning Participants to Breakout Rooms

Enabling Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms, Creating Pre-Assigned Rooms/Users for your Meeting, Import from CSV, Enabling Forced Authentication and teaching students SSO, Allow Participants to Choose Their Own Breakout Room, Recreate and Recover to Pre-Assigned Rooms, Troubleshooting

Run a Zoom Participant Attendance Report

How to track participation / take attendance in a zoom meeting

Viewing Zoom Poll Reports

This article shows you how to view poll and attendance reports from within your Blackboard course using the Zoom integration tool.

Managing Waiting Rooms as Meeting Host

Beginning April 20th 2020, waiting rooms are now enabled by default for all Zoom education accounts. Find out how to effectively manage your waiting settings, participants in your waiting room, etc.