Services (18)

Generic account removal

Removal of a non-named Exchange or domain account.

New generic email account

Request a new generic email account.

Questions or Help with LastPass

Ask questions or get help with LastPass.

Request LastPass Enterprise Account

Request an account in the Chico Enterprise LastPass system for any staff or faculty.

New service account (LDAP)

Request a new account to access to Chico State servers or services that require LDAP authentication.

Update managed security group membership

Request that users be added or removed from an ITSS managed security group.

Wildcat Card Application and Card Reader/Device Support

Report any problems with the Wildcat Card program.

Contractor/Vendor access request

Contractor/Vendor access request

New Active Directory domain-only service account.

Request an Active Directory domain-only service account.

New domain-only account

Request campus authentication to computers and services (no email).

Parent access to the student portal

Request parental access to a student's CSUC portal account

Username Change

Request a username change.

Account Separation

For all faculty, staff, and student employees leaving Chico State.

New security group

Provide access permissions to a group of people

Problems logging in to the Chico Portal

Get help with authentication issues or other problems logging in to the Chico Portal.

Report a compromised account

Report a compromised user account.

Create Guest/Conference User

Request the creation of a new guest or conference user account.

Volunteer, Guest, and Consultant Access

Request additional resources for volunteers, guests, and consultants.