My Recently Visited Services

Request new, modifications, or report issues with logging in, archival, document types, workflow, scripts, linking, scanners, or report issues with the Perceptive Content application.

Get help with problems on supported campus computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Limited support is also provided for personal devices.

Report a problem with, or request repair of, an existing phone or service.

Report an issue with GoPrint

Request purchase and setup of supported models of Windows and Macintosh computers, laptops, tablets, and accessories.

New printer and print queue setup.

Establish connectivity and/or troubleshoot issues with the campus wireless network (eduroam).

Request a telephone line be moved to another location to accommodate a change in office configuration or location.

Request assistance with a VPN connection.

Request to disconnect and stop billing of an existing telephone line.

Install supported software not included in the standard campus image.

Get help configuring desktop applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, or other supported applications on PCs and Macs.

Request a change to telephone feature programming, sets, or accessories.

Request installation of a new telephone line.

Get help removing malware and/or viruses from a computer.

Need a new application? We can help you define your requirements in a standard manner and find a product or build a solution that will meet those requirements. In addition, we will ensure the application can be supported by the campus in the long term and help with reduction of costs and provide efficiencies to other teams.

Access Google applications with your CSU, Chico login.

Get help with a problem, issue, or service that isn't listed.

Disconnect an existing wired network connection.

Request installation/activation of a new wired network connection.

Request a network connection be moved to another location to accommodate a change in office location.

Request a reset of a forgotten voicemail security code.

Request the deletion of a voicemail box. Removes all voicemail configuration and history.

Request a new voicemail box to give callers the ability to leave messages.