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Add, remove or change the Box group admin for a Box group.

Request new or changed membership in HRSC Box groups.

Request ownership of a Box folder be transferred to another user.

Request a new group in Box.

Request access to a specific level 1 data folder in Box.

Ask questions or get help with Box.

Request a new voicemail box to give callers the ability to leave messages.

Request a move or change to an existing voicemail box.

Request to have the Box support group research and mitigate Aperture detected files with potential external PII data.

Request to have a Box account created for staff, faculty, or student employee. User must have an active CSU, Chico Active Directory account.

Request the deletion of a voicemail box. Removes all voicemail configuration and history.

If you are a Research Foundation user and have questions or need help with Box, please submit a request here.

Request a new folder for securely storing Level 1 data in Box.

Report a problem with, or request repair of, an existing voicemail box.

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