Information on using and sharing content (files and folders) in Box.

Articles (10)

Adding External Collaborators to Box content

If you have editor or higher permission to Box content, you are able to add external collaborators (with the exception of Level 1 files and folders).

Best Practices For High Collaboration Items

This article explains the best practices to use while working with high collaboration files.

Favoriting and Bookmarking Items in Box

How to favorite and bookmark files and folders in Box for easy access.

Opening PDFs From Box

Tutorial regarding opening PDFs from a Box link

Sharing and Collaborating

How to share folders and collaborate in Box

Using direct links to link Excel files

You will be able to pull cell values from any Excel file on Box that has a publicly shared link.

Creating Descriptions for Folders in Box

How to create and edit descriptions for folders in Box.

Locking Files in Box

How to lock individual files in Box.

Using Linked or Shared Files with Box

How to work with linked documents (like Excel files) in Box.

Creating and Using Tags in Box

How to create tags for files and folders in Box