Creating Descriptions for Folders in Box

Users that have Editor permissions on a folder can create or edit the folder’s description to help differentiate it from other folders. For example, folder descriptions can explain the contents of a folder, describe the naming system for files in a folder, or clarify how collaborators should work with the contents of a folder.


NOTE: Folder descriptions are only accessible via Box in a web browser. As of now, none of the corresponding Box apps (Box Drive, Box Edit, or Box for Office) will display the folder description.

To create or edit a folder’s description:

  1. In a web browser, go to your Box account and find the folder you want
  2. Single-click in the empty space next to the name of the folder so that you can see the “Sharing” column on the right side of the web page. 
  3. In the “Sharing” column, click on the “Details” button
  4. From here, you should now be to view additional details about the folder and also “Enter a description” for the folder.                      

The description for the folder will display for everyone that is shared or collaborated into the folder in two ways.

  1. By hovering over the icon that displays at the parent level of the folder in question. 
  2. After opening the folder, the description will be at the top of the contents. 

NOTE: Users who have Editor permissions can edit or delete folder descriptions that other users created.



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