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Box is the new cloud-based file sharing and collaboration service for university staff and faculty.

Box is currently under development for use by faculty and staff on campus. Planned rollout will occur on a department by department basis between May, 2017 and December, 2017.

Categories (4)

Getting Started with Box

Information, training, and tutorials for getting started with Box on campus.

Preparing for the Box Migration

Information about getting ready for the migration of your Bay personal and departmental folders into Box.

Group Administration

Information for Group administrators in Box

Box Support

Articles pertaining to supporting Box.

Articles (10)

Bay to Box Migration Presentation

The slide deck from the Bay to Box migration presentation.

Box Migration FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Box migration.

Box Migration Timeline

The Box migration is scheduled to take place during the Spring and Summer of 2017, by which time all content must be off Bay.

Existing Personal Box Accounts

If you set up a personal Box account using your email address, your content will be migrated to your CSU, Chico Box account. If that is what you want, you can take no action. However, if your personal Box account contains personal content, you should examine the options explained in this article.

Getting Access to Box

Information on getting access to a Box account.

Level 1 Data

Information on what will happen to level 1 data stored on Bay.

Using Linked or Shared Files with Box

How to work with linked documents (like Excel files) in Box.

Students and Box

Information about getting Box accounts for student employees, as well as troubleshooting login issues.

Advanced Drive Mapping in Box

How to Use Box with webDAV.

Scanning from a Multi-function Printer (MFP) into Box

Options for scanning from a multi-function printer into Box.