Importing the Canvas Calendar into Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar

Find the calendar link

  • Start by opening the calendar inside of Canvas by clicking on the calendar icon in the left-hand sidebar.
  • With the calendar screen open, look to the right sidebar
  • Click "Calendar Feed" then copy the link in the pop-up
  • Proceed to your chosen calendaring service

Import into Google Calendar

  • Open your Google calendar and under the "Other Calendars" link, click the plus(+) icon
  • From the new dropdown, choose "From URL"
  • Paste the URL copied from Blackboard, then "Add calendar"
  • Your Blackboard calendar should now be imported into Google Calendar.

Import into Outlook Calendar

  • Open your Outlook calendar and click "Add calendar" then "Subscribe from web".
  • Paste the URL that was copied from Blackboard into the text field.
  • Name the calendar and set a color and icon.
  • Under "Add to" choose where you want the calendar to be located. Then click "Import"
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