Syncing Outlook and Google Calendars

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Note: This process should be done on a web browser, rather than via the Google Calendar and Outlook applications. Once done on the web, the app of your choice should display all synced events.  

Syncing Outlook Events to Google Calendar

  1. Navigate to your Outlook Calendar via the web browser of your choice
  2. Click the settings gear in the top right, then "View all Outlook settings"
  3. From the settings menu, click "Shared Calendars" 
  4. Under the "Publish a calendar" option, select the default "Calendar" 
  5. Set permissions; if this is being sent to your own calendar, you can set it to "Can view all details" 
  6. Click "Publish" then copy the ICS link (click on the link, then copy)
  7. Navigate to your Google Calendar
  8. In the left-hand sidebar, click the plus (+) icon and then "From URL"
  9. Paste the URL copied from Outlook, then "Add calendar"
  10. Your Outlook calendar should now be imported into Google Calendar.

Syncing Google Events to Outlook Calendar

  1. Navigate to your Outlook Calendar via the web browser of your choice
  2. Just below the month display on the left, click "Add calendar" then "Add personal calendars"
  3. Select the Google option, then sign into Google with the account you use for Google Calendar
    • This may be a personal account or the Chico State @mail account. 
  4. When the "Microsoft wants access" pop-up appears, make sure to Allow
  5. It may take time to sync all calendar events, but all of your calendars connected to that account should appear
    • Note: Sometimes this takes two attempts to fully sync. If you receive a "We could not add your account" error, try a second time. If the issue persists, contact ITSS.


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