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Information relevant to the Chico State Retention App and Engage functionality within Chico State 360 (Salesforce).


Learn more about the TargetX Email Campaign tool that can be used to communicate important information to constituents, such as appointment and event reminders.

Reports & Dashboards

Learn how to build reports and dashboards within Chico State 360 (Salesforce).


TargetX has developed an application within the Salesforce environment called Event Manager. The tool provides features such as online registration, waitlisting, event session management, automated confirmations, cancellations, reminders and much more.

User Profiles & Personal Settings

Information related to managing your user profile and personal preferences for Chico State 360 (Salesforce).

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Pinned Article Requesting CS360/Salesforce access via Account Center

Accounts for CS360/Salesforce should now be requested through Account Center. This guide covers the steps to make that request

Approving CS360/Salesforce access requests via Account Center

When an employee requests a CS360/Salesforce account via account center their supervisor will receive an email asking them to approve or deny that request. The following steps cover how a supervisor can approve or deny these requests via Account Center.

Finding a student and logging a call in Salesforce/TargetX

Finding a student and logging a call in Saleforce/TargetX

How do I manage tasks in Salesforce/TargetX?

An easy way to manage tasks in Salesforce/TargetX is to go to the home page within either the Recruitment or the Retention module. The home page displays all of the users events, recent records accessed and displays tasks.

Salesforce/TargetX Automated Data Feed Schedules

The Salesforce/TargetX environment has data feeds from several sources including the campus data warehouse and 3rd party data from SAT, ACT, TOEFL and CAPPEX. This data is automatically fed into the system at regularly scheduled intervals.

TargetX Email Campaign FAQ

This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about the TargetX email campaigns