Getting Started with Kaltura

Kaltura is Chico State's video platform that allows students, faculty, and staff to upload, manage, and publish video content. The Kaltura platform allows the campus community to host videos and audio files in a centralized location and share that content to a variety of other platforms including Canvas, the university website, or through email.

With Kaltura you can:

Record/Upload Media

Edit Videos

Create Interactive Video Quizzes  

Publish Your Videos to Canvas and Beyond

Chico State also enables you to publish your Kaltura videos so that anyone can view them. 

Download Videos for Offline Viewing

Collaborate with Others in a Video

Review Detailed Analytics for Published Videos and Quizzes


Request Help With Kaltura

If you need technical help with Kaltura, (Zoom recordings not transferring, access to My Media, etc.)  please create a support ticket

Faculty: If you need help integrating Kaltura media into your coursework, please contact the Technology and Learning Program

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