Get help with a computer or device.

Services (8)

Help with a Cloud Computer

Get help with one of the cloud hosted computers that ITSS hosts in Azure

Help removing malware/virus

Get help removing malware and/or viruses from a computer.

Report a compromised system

Report a compromised computer workstation or server.

Dispose of an electronic device

Before disposing of or transferring an electronic device, all State and Foundation owned devices must be wiped by IT Support Services.

Help with a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone

Get help with problems on supported campus computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Limited support is also provided for personal devices.

Help with a lab computer

Report a problem with, or get assistance with, a lab workstation.

Help with a computer lab

Request assistance with managing a campus computer lab or adding/updating software in a computer lab.

ITSS Loaner Computer or Accessory

Get a temporary computer or accessory on loan from ITSS.