The University uses Palo Alto Global Protect VPN to allow users to make a secure encrypted connection to the campus network to access campus resources inside the campus border firewall from off-campus locations. The Global Protect VPN comes in 2 flavors:

AlwaysON VPN: For University owned and managed devices

OnDemand VPN: For student and other privately owned devices

Please note: The previous Pulse Secure VPN (formerly Junos Pulse) is currently in the process of being deprecated, and is estimated to reach sunset sometime Q1 2020. Please watch for campus-wide communications regarding details of this transition.

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Global Protect AlwaysON VPN

All University owned & managed devices will be deployed pre-configured with the Palo Alto Global Protect AlwaysON VPN client. All University owned devices that were previously installed with the Pulse Secure VPN will be automatically updated with the new Global Protect AlwaysON VPN client.

Click the Getting Started! Link below to find out more about the new GlobalProtect AlwaysON VPN

Global Protect OnDemand VPN

The Palo Alto Global Protect OnDemand VPN is intended for students and other personal, non University managed devices.

Click one of the links below to find out more about the OnDemand VPN client

Pulse Secure VPN

The Pulse Secure VPN is currently being phased out by the University. Click here to find support articles relating to the Pulse Secure VPN