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Service Catalog

Categories (13)

Accounts & Access

Password resets, locked accounts, and new/updated account requests.

Email, Calendars & Collaboration

Get email, calendar, or file server access, or report a problem.

Hardware & Software

Get help with your existing computer and software, or request a new computer or software.

Blackboard & Learning Technologies

Support for Blackboard, Collaborate, Kaltura, DTS, and other learning technologies.

Wired & Wireless Networks

Network service and access.

Telephone & Voicemail

Landline telephone and voicemail service.

Business Applications & Reporting

Request reports and get help with administrative applications (PeopleSoft, etc.).

IT Consulting & Special Services

IT department consulting and other specialty services.

Website Design & Support

Request website content updates and upgrades, Cascade Server support, accessibility assistance, and more.

Information Security

Services related to server and application security, identity theft, data breaches, and copyright.

Systems & Servers

Server, database, and hosting services.

Colleges & Departments

Services used internally by individual Colleges and Departments.

Other Services

Services not categorized elsewhere.