Learning Technologies

Support for Blackboard, CSU Learn, Zoom, Kaltura, and other learning technologies.

Categories (6)

Blackboard Student Support

Get help with Blackboard student issues.

Blackboard Faculty & Staff Support

Get help with Blackboard issues.

CSU Learn

CSU Learn is a training management system that allows all CSU campuses to assign, track and leverage content, ranging from professional development to compliance training. For more information, see https://www.csuchico.edu/training

LinkedIn Learning

Help with the LinkedIn Learning system.

Project Request

Request a Learning Management System (LMS) project.

Services (7)

BbLearn Site Access

Help for a university-affiliated user who cannot log into Blackboard Learn.

BbLearn Course Access

Help for a student or faculty who should be enrolled in a course, but cannot access it in Blackboard Learn.

Errors with Third-Party Integration

Report an error using a third-party Blackboard integration.

Errors with Assignments, Tests, and Grading

Report an error submitting, reviewing, or grading assignments and tests in Blackboard Learn.

Errors with User Information

Correct user information such as full name or email address.

Organization Management

Manage organizations in Blackboard Learn.

Voluntary organization deletion

Organization leader submitted request to delete a organization in BbLearn.