Other Services

Services not categorized elsewhere.

Categories (3)

Campus Directory

Request updates or report issues with the Campus Directory.

Account Center

Get assistance and report issues with Account Center

IRES Admin Service Center

Request a service from IASC

Services (11)

ARC Cart

Campus Cart Ride Service

Help with something that isn't listed

Get help with a problem, issue, or service that isn't listed.

Webinar License Request

Request A Webinar License for a Campus Event.

Campus Video Safety System (CVSS)

Request repair, changes or additions to the Campus Video Safety System (CVSS).

'My Chico State' mobile app issues

Get help with the 'My Chico State' mobile app.

Publish on the campus video portal

Request your video to be listed on the campus video portal.

Single Sign-On assistance

Request new Single Sign On authentication for application or get help with authentication issues with Shibboleth or CAS.

CashNet Access

Request access to CashNet

ITSS Lobby Patron

Request walk-in assistance from IT Support Services.

Web Services Lab

Request walk-in assistance from Web Services

Orion Technical Support

Request technical support from ITSS and Orion Staff for Orion newspaper computer systems.