Wired & Wireless Networks

Campus network service and access.

Services (11)

Help connecting to the wireless network (eduroam)

Establish connectivity and/or troubleshoot issues with the campus wireless network (eduroam).

Help connecting a non-computing device (gaming console, smart tv) to "csuchico" wireless

Request assistance in connecting device to campus wireless that is unable to use the Eduroam set up process.

Trouble connecting with VPN

Request assistance with a VPN connection.

Request a new wired connection

Request installation/activation of a new wired network connection.

Move a wired network connection

Request a network connection be moved to another location to accommodate a change in office location.

Problem with a wired network connection

Report a problem or request repair for an existing wired network connection.

Disconnect a wired network connection

Disconnect an existing wired network connection.

New static IP address

Request a new static IP for computers and servers that need a permanent IP address.

Request a DNS record change on a campus managed domain.

Request a DNS record change on a campus managed domain.

Request a Firewall Exception

Request for a firewall exception for an internal campus system.

Student Opt-In VPN access

This ticket type allows a student that is not in a class section designated for VPN access to request annual access.