The Information Technology Procurement Review (ITPR) process is required for all Electronic & Information Technology (E&IT) purchases, regardless of cost. For more information, see this knowledge base article:

Services (4)

Software - IT Procurement Review (ITPR) Favorite Service

Review initial or renewal purchases of software or software maintenance. This includes prebuilt web applications (also known as 'software as a service').

Hardware - IT Procurement Review (ITPR)

Review initial or renewal purchases of hardware. If the hardware device has bundled software that comes with it, please use the Software ITPR instead.

Web Hosting - IT Procurement Review (ITPR)

Review of initial or renewal purchase of web hosting services or domain name registrations. These services are used when you are building your own website.

** Do not use this form unless you are building, or have built, a website. If you are purchasing a subscription to a website that already exists, please use the Software ITPR. **

Hardware Maintenance Agreement - IT Procurement Review (ITPR)

Review of maintenance, consulting, or support agreements for existing hardware. Consulting/maintenance/support agreements related to software or that will result in new software should use the Software ITPR form.