Get help with Blackboard issues.

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Most enrollments in Blackboard are managed through standardized processes in PeopleSoft. These service requests should only be used for enrollments that are not being managed through PeopleSoft.

Kaltura, Respondus, Drive and other Blackboard-related tools.

Services (15)

TLP Knowledge Base

Read more about support for Blackboard and related tools on the TLP Knowledge Base.

Technology & Learning Program (TLP) help

Staff & faculty requests for assistance with Blackboard Learn.

Help from a Technology & Learning Program (TLP) consultant

Staff & faculty requests for assistance from a Blackboard Learn consultant.

Help with Blackboard from Distributed Learning Technologies (DLT) staff

Request assistance with other Blackboard Learn problems not listed.

Technology & Learning Program (TLP) Multimedia

Staff & faculty requests for help with non-Blackboard audio/video solutions.

Third Party Blackboard Integrations

Staff and faculty requests for assistance with a vendor and/or Learn integration.


For training, troubleshooting and usage of the online proctoring tool Proctorio.

Voluntary course deletion

Instructor-submitted request to delete a course in BbLearn.

BbLearn Quotas

Request changes to course quotas, including content collection and protected file storage.

Common Learning Environment

Combine multiple lecture sections into one course shell.

Remodel My Course

Instructors may request a remodel of their course or prep area.

Voluntary prep area deletion

Instructor-submitted request to delete a prep area in BbLearn.

Additional prep area creation

Instructor-submitted request to create additional prep areas in BbLearn.

Make course unavailable to students

Instructor-submitted request to make course unavailable to students in BbLearn.

Restore archived Blackboard course

Restore an archived Blackboard course for data retrieval.