Creating Calendars and Events in Outlook

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Your Outlook calendar is integrated with Mail, People, and other features of Outlook. Emails with event details can be easily added to your Outlook Calendar. Outlook also allows for easy calendar sharing and planning for meetings and projects.

Setting up new calendars

Outlook Web

  1. Navigate to
  2. On the navigation bar on the very left, click the Calendar icon
  3. Click "Add Calendar"
  4. In the pop-up, choose the kind of calendar you are trying to add:

If you are wanting to add the Blackboard calendar to Outlook, please see our article here:

If you are wanting to add the Canvas calendar to Outlook, please see our article here:

Outlook Desktop App (Mac or PC)

  1. Open the Outlook Desktop App
  2. At the bottom of the left-hand sidebar, click the calendar icon
  3. Right-click on your email address, then select New Folder
  4. Name your calendar, then hit enter to save

If you are trying to subscribe to an existing calendar (such as the Blackboard or Canvas calendars), please use the web instructions above. After adding the calendar via Outlook Web, the calendar should populate into your Outlook Desktop App. You may have to close and re-launch the desktop app to view changes. 

Outlook Calendar basics

Note: The following was done on the web. Steps may differ when using desktop apps on a PC or Mac.

Creating a new event

  1. With the calendar open, click "New event" 
    • Alternatively, you can click directly on the calendar at the time and day you want to schedule an event
  2. In the pop-up box, enter a title, description, location, etc.
  3. If creating a shared or team event, type the other attendees' emails in the Invite box
  4. Optional event settings include:
    • Set up a recurring event (once a week, once a month, etc.) or leave it as a one-time event
    • Set your status during the event (busy, away, etc.)
    • Create a Zoom or Teams meeting attached to the event
    • Reminder notifications

There is also a "Scheduling Assistant" feature that allows you to list the required attendees, then find a time that works for everyone. 

Modifying or canceling events

Note: You can only cancel events that you created.

  1. Click on the event that you are trying to cancel or modify. There will be two options:
    • Edit: Change the details of the event.
    • Cancel (or Delete): Removes the event from your calendar and sends a notification to all invited attendees. 
      • If there are no attendees, "Delete" will appear
  2. When editing a recurring event, you will have some options:
    • This event: Only the selected day/time
    • This and all following events: The day and time selected, and all subsequent occurrences
    • All events in the series: The day and time selected, and all events before and after
  3. If you are not the event organizer, you will instead see an RSVP list with 'Yes', 'No', and 'Maybe' options.


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