Website Design & Support

Request website content updates and upgrades, Cascade Server support, accessibility assistance, and more.

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Existing Websites

Request updates to and get help with your existing department Cascade Server website.

New Website

Get on the waiting list for a campus web 3.0 website.

Website Errors & Suggestions

Report website errors and broken links.

Accessible Content

Ensure website and web content compliance with federal and state laws.

Cascade Server Training & Support

Request Cascade Server training, website access, or technical support.

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Campus Calendar/ Announcements Support

Request a fix of an entry already submitted for the campus calendar or announcements.

MyWeb is now YourWeb

YourWeb is a personal web space for students, staff, and faculty of CSU, Chico. This self-service web-hosting solution that gives you full control of your content via one-click install of WordPress and other easy-to-use apps.

Photography Service

Request a photoshoot for your next web update.