Ask questions or get help with Box electronic file storage.

Services (8)

New Box User Account

Request to have a Box account created for staff, faculty, or student employee. User must have an active CSU, Chico Active Directory account.

Questions or help with Box

Ask questions or get help with Box.

New Box Group

Request a new group in Box.

Add/Remove Box Group Admin

Add, remove or change the Box group admin for a Box group.

Transfer Ownership of Box Content

Request ownership of a Box folder be transferred to another user.

Aperture Alerts on Box Content

Request to have the Box support group research and mitigate Aperture detected files with potential external PII data.

Request Access to Level 1 Data in Box

Request access to a specific level 1 data folder in Box.

New Level 1 Folder and Group

Request a new folder for securely storing Level 1 data in Box.