Issues, enhancements, and project requests related to PeopleSoft.

Services (6)

PeopleSoft access (New, Modify, Delete)

Request, reinstate, modify or delete access to Common Financial System (CFS), Student Admininstration (CS) or Human Resources (HR) PeopleSoft systems.

PeopleSoft/High Point Upgrade Issue

PeopleSoft/High Point CX Upgrade Issues

Report an issue with PeopleSoft

Report an issue or request assistance with PeopleSoft.

PeopleSoft Tools Upgrade Issue

Report an issue with the PeopleSoft Tools Upgrade

CMS Annual Reauthorization process issues

Report an issue with the CMS/PeopleSoft Annual Reauthorization process.

CS Security Review

Security-related issues in the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions area.