Activate your CSU Chico Zoom Account & Add a Profile Picture

Activate your Chico State Zoom Account (one-time task)

  1. From your browser, enter

  2. Select Sign In. 

Issues signing in? Send an email to and provide your portal id and a description of the error. 
Chico State Zoom portal sign in page


Add a Profile Picture

Although not required, a profile picture can help build a sense of community on campus during virtual classes.

  1. From your browser, enter

  2. Select Sign In. 

  3. From your From the upper left, select Profile. From here you can:  
    • [optional]  Add your profile picture 

    • [optional]  Edit your Personal Meeting ID and Personal Link.

      Your personal meeting room is a virtual meeting space that is permanently reserved for you.

    • Note to faculty: Many faculty use it for office hours. Some people will edit the Meeting ID to be their office phone number and password to something easier to remember.  Periodically change the password, at least once a semester. 

To change Zoom default settings on the Zoom portal

There are some default settings that apply to all your Zoom meetings that you cannot change from within your online course. 

  1. From your web browser, go to

  2. From the left menu, choose Settings.

  3. (Recommended) Enable the following settings:

  • Polling

  • Annotation 

  • Breakout Rooms (ability to pre-assign students to breakout rooms) 

Contact the Technology and Learning Program for advice based on your specific needs

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