How Do I Open Breakout Rooms?

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The following tasks can only be done during the live Zoom meeting. 

Quicklinks: | Choose Allow Participants to Choose their own room | Open Pre-assigned Breakout Rooms | To Open Pre-assigned Breakout Rooms | Tips and Tricks |

Choose Allow Participants to Choose Their Own Breakout Room

If you use Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms, the Technology and Learning Program always recommends Allowing Participants to Choose Their Own Breakout Room as a best practice. This will help busy hosts better manage their meetings because Participants can join breakout rooms on their own if problems arise. 

  • Start your Zoom meeting. From the Zoom task bar, select Breakout Rooms.

  • Select Options > Allow Participants to choose room

Open Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms

  • Please allow some practice time with pre-assigned breakout rooms. 
  • Provide the following instructions to your students BEFORE the meeting:
    • Activate your Chico State Zoom account.
    • Sign in to Zoom using the Chico State Single Sign On option.  

To Open Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms:

  • Start your Zoom meeting. From the Zoom task bar, select Breakout Rooms.

  • When ready, tell Participants you are opening the rooms and choose Open All Rooms.

Tips & Tricks  

Issues with Breakout Rooms typically are due to the fact that students are either not signed into the Zoom desktop application or mobile app using their Chico State Zoom account. This may be due to the fact they are logged out, or perhaps logged in as someone else. Refer participants to this article to Verify You are Signed in to Zoom Using Chico State account

  • Select Recreate and then choose Recover to pre-assigned breakout rooms button.
    This will help sweep late-comers into their assigned rooms. 


  • If a participant is in their pre-assigned breakout room and they leave the meeting and rejoin, they won't rejoin their pre-assigned breakout room.

  • You can always manually assign participants using  in-meeting breakout room controls.


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