How Do I View Zoom Poll Reports in Canvas?

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If you scheduled class meetings through Zoom's integration in Canvas, you may access poll and attendance reports from within your Canvas course after the meeting ends. This guide will help you view these reports directly from your Canvas course, making it easier to analyze participation and poll responses.


  • Instructor role in the Canvas course where the Zoom meetings were scheduled
  • Completed Zoom meeting with polling enabled

Step-by-Step Instructions

To view Zoom poll reports in Canvas, do the following:

  1. From your web browser, access the Canvas course in which you wish to view poll results.
  2. Enter Zoom.
    Accessing Zoom from Canvas
  3. Select Previous Meetings to view a list of all past scheduled meetings.
  4. Find the meeting and select Report. By default, it will display the Meeting Report page, containing a list of users and their attendance time.
  5. Select Poll Report. From this page, you will also have the option to export the report as a CSV file.

Now you can view and export the poll results for your Zoom meeting.


  • If you don't see the Previous Meetings tab, ensure you are in the correct Canvas course and that your Zoom integration is properly set up.
  • For issues viewing or exporting the reports, verify that the meeting had polling enabled and that the polls were conducted during the meeting.
  • You can also view Zoom reports outside of Canvas through the Zoom Portal ( For more information, see Meeting Registration and Polling Reports.

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