Enabling Audio Transcriptions and Captions in Zoom

Zoom has an automatic captioning feature which can be enabled through your Zoom Account.  The feature allows for live transcriptions during meetings and the ability to save the meeting transcript as an editable, search-able document.  

Limitations: Must record meeting to the cloud to access the transcript after the meeting. Only compatible with English.  Accuracy relies on the speakers' volume and clarity as well as background noise.


Log In to your Zoom Web Portal

  1. Sign into your Zoom account using SSO at csuchico.zoom.us and select Settings from the column on the left.











Enabling Captions and Transcripts in Recordings

1. Select Recording from the tabs on the right.

2. Scroll down to Cloud Recordings.

3. Enable Create Audio Transcript.

Enabling Captions and Transcripts in Settings

1. Select In Meeting (Advanced) from the column on the left.

  1. Enable Manual Captions.

Toggling this setting ON is required to enable automatic captions, even if you won't be using this feature directly.

  1. Enable Automatic Captions.

Required to Enable Auto-Transcription within Zoom Meetings.

  1. Enable Full Transcript.

Allows all participants to view a full live transcript through their Zoom client during the meeting.

  1. Enable Save Captions.

(Optional) Enables participants to save a copy of the transcript.

Enabling Captions and Transcripts in a Meeting

After launching your Zoom meeting, there will now be a Live Transcript button on the bottom row of your client.

  1. Select Live Transcript (CC)
  2. Select Enable Auto-Transcription

The option below this one gives participants the ability to ask you to enable captioning if you haven't already.

Live captioning is now enabled in your Zoom meeting!


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