Sign in to your Chico State Zoom Account Using SSO



Your Chico State Zoom account provides specific privileges that a free account does not. These include: hosting meetings with unlimited meeting time, recording to the cloud, accessing meetings that require authentication, and being automatically assigned to "pre-assigned breakout rooms" in classes where you work with the same groups on a regular schedule. 

Step-by-Step: Sign in to Zoom on your desktop or laptop

1. When prompted to log in, select "Sign In with SSO"

2. On the SSO screen, enter the domain "csuchico" so that the full domain reads as

Zoom SSO menu showing csuchico domain

3. Login using your Chico username and password.

4. From your browser pop up, select Open in Zoom.

If your browser does not respond after choosing "Open in Zoom," please clear your browser cookies and cache. 

This will direct you back to the Zoom app.

Step-by-Step: Sign in to Zoom on your Mobile App

1. From your mobile device, start the Zoom app.

2. Select Sign in

Zoom Mobile app splash screen with arrow pointing to Sign In

3. From the Sign In window, select the SSO icon.

Zoom Mobile App Sign In window with arrow pointing to SSO at the bottom of the window

4. Enter csuchico as the domain. You should then be able to sign in with your Chico credentials.

Zoom mobile app Sign in With SSO prompt and the following required text for the domain name: csuchico

Still Having Trouble?

Please open a ticket and we will do our best to make sure you get the help you need.  

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