How Do I Access Zoom Transcripts and Captions?

After recording a Zoom Meeting to the cloud you can access, review and edit the full audio transcript through your Chico Zoom Portal.

NOTE: It may take some time for your Zoom recording to upload after ending a cloud-recorded meeting.

Accessing Audio Transcriptions

1. Navigate to your Zoom recordings at, or by logging in to Zoom at and selecting Recordings from the column on the left.

2. Select Cloud Recordings.

3. Select the meeting you want to access.

4. Select the play button to play the video.

NOTE: In most cases, it will take longer to transcribe the audio than to upload the video.  You will receive an additional email when transcribing has been completed.

5. The transcript will display to the right of the video player.

From here you can review the video and edit the captions individually.


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Zoom has an automatic captioning feature which can be enabled through your Zoom Account.  The feature allows for live transcriptions during meetings and the ability to save the meeting transcript as an editable, search-able document.