How to Complete an Authorization to Release


Training Description:

This page will show you how to authorize to release your student information to your Third-Party Designee.

  • Select “Authorize to Release” from the Dashboard Menu under “Student Records”
  • Read the information and instructions provided on the page.
    • If prompted, complete the Birth City field and select “Save Birth City”
  • Complete the information for each person for whom access should be given.
    • About the 4-digit access code:
      • This is created and assigned by the student.
      • Cannot start with 0 (zero).
      • Must be numeric.
      • Can be the same for all users.
    • Check the appropriate box for each department to release information.
  • Select “Save”
    • If any field highlights appear, correct the errors shown and select “Save” again.
  •  Share the access code you have created with designees.

Title: Create an authorization page - Description: Screenshot shows the dashboard menu on the right side of the screen. Here, the student records menu is open and authorization to release option is selected. At the bottom of the screenshot, the student information is highlighted.

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