How to Check My Application Status

Video Tutorial

Click the image below to view the video tutorial on how to check your application status!

screenshot of a link to the video explaining how to check your application status within the Student center


  • Select “Application Status” from the Dashboard Menu under “Admissions.

Title: Dashboard menu screenshot - Description: Screenshot of the dashboard menu. There is a red arrow pointing at the application status tab.

  • Once the Application Status link is clicked, all currently active applications will be displayed.
  • To navigate to the Application Status Details and view the message associated with the application status, click the > to expand.

Title: Applications List - Description: Screenshot of the applications list. There is a red arrow pointing at the first application. Click on the

  • Once expanded, you will be able to view your application status.

Title: Applications list screenshot  - Description: This picture is a screenshot of the selected application expanded.

For further assistance contact the Office of Admissions at 530-898-3152 or


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