How to Add, Drop, or Swap a Course


Training Description:

You will learn the process of adding a new course, dropping, or swapping between two courses.

  • Select “Enroll in Classes” from the Dashboard Menu under “Enrollment”.

  • Student must select the term they wish to enroll.

  • Student can select a subject and course number (for example CMST 131).

  • Student can search by a keyword; for example “speech” and it will pull up all courses that have “speech” in the definition.

  • Student can search by Class Attribute.

Title: Class Attribute box - Description: Click the plus sign box to search for multiple attributes.

  • Other options: students can select to only show “open” classes. Plus, there are additional filters available.

  • Multiple ways a student can add a course.
    • Students can click on the toggle menu ⠇on the right.


  • Student can expand the course (click anywhere in the white area) and select the “Enroll” button at the bottom.


  • If the course has a related section, student will be directed to select one.


  • Student can select to wait list for the course is full and swap out of a class if this class is open (student selects the class to drop in the drop-down box.)

Title: Enrollment Options - Description: Screenshot of enrollment options. You can either check a box that allows you to waitlist the class if it  is full, or drop the class if enrolled in another.

  • After the student selects “Save”, a pop-up will box appear. The student must select “I agree” before being allowed to enroll.

Title: Agreement to enroll  - Description: Screenshot of the agreement statement. After reading the agreement, check the

  • The enrollment Results box will show up confirming if the course was successfully added to the student’s schedule.

Title: Enrollment Results  - Description: Once enrolled, an enrollment results box will be shown that confirms you have been successfully added.

  • Enroll functionality is also available via Scheduler and Shopping Cart (see left-side navigation).


Dropping a Course

Student Center How to Drop A Course Video

  • Select “Drop Classes” from the Dashboard Menu under “Enrollment”.

  • Student selects the class(es) they wish to drop and then the “Drop” button.
    • NOTE: If a student is wanting to withdraw from the term after the semester has begun, they need to contact the Office of the Registrar (contact info below).


  • Student needs to verify they wish to drop.

Title: Drop class verification  - Description: You will see a box come up that will confirm you want to drop the course. If you wish to drop the course, click on the drop button.

  • Enrollment Results box shows up confirming if the course was successfully dropped from the schedule.


Swapping Courses

  • Select “Swap Classes” from the Dashboard Menu under “Enrollment”.

  • Student selects the “Swap This Class” button next to the course they wish to drop.

  • Student selects the class they wish to enroll.





  • Once the student has selected the course in which they would like to enroll, the “Enrollment Options” box appears (student can choose to wait list if the course is full).

  • Student will need to confirm their swap.

  • A status box will show after confirmation is made letting the student know if the swap was successful or not.

For further assistance contact the Office of the Registrar at 530-898-5142 or

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