How to View My Financial Aid


Training Description:

Located in your "Financials" menu, this page provides a quick view of the types of aid and amounts offered, what you have accepted, and what has disbursed. You may also view previous years in which aid was awarded.

  • Select “View Financial Aid” from the Dashboard Menu under “Financials”

showing 'view fanancial aid' homepage.  You can pick the year in whcih aid was awarded.  You can expand or collapse individual terms to view types of aids and amounts.  In the top left the shopping sheet tab provibes you with standardized form designed to simplify information about your direct costs, indirect costs, and financial aid in order to assist you in financial planning.

  • The page view will give you a breakdown of your offered, accepted, and disbursed financial aid. You will be able to access the current semester and any prior financial aid.

For further assistance contact the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office at 530-898-6451 or


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