How to Update My FERPA Restrictions


Training Description:

You will learn the process of changing your privacy settings within the Student Center.

  • Select “Privacy Settings (FERPA) from the Dashboard Menu under “Student Records”

screenshot view of the left-hand navigation menu in the Student Center selecting the option "Privacy Settings (FERPA)"


  • Read the FERPA Restrictions disclosure statement and then select the “Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions” box.


Title: FERPA Restrictions disclosure statement  - Description: At the bottom of the screen, there is an edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions link. The red arrow is pointing to this.

  • Student can choose to “Restrict All Fields” which includes directory, personal data, and photo; or can select specific items by checking the box to the left of the information.
    • NOTE: If the student has previously restricted all or some of their information, they can choose to “Release All Restrictions” or select the specific information they wish to release.

Title: Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions - Description: Select the checkboxes according to what restrictions you would like applied. Make sure to click save at the bottom.

  • Students should consider the consequences stated in the FERPA Restrictions Summary before choosing to restrict their information.
  • Hit Save!

For further assistance contact the Office of the Registrar at 530-898-5142 or


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