How to View My Satisfactory Academic Progress

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Located in your "Financials" menu, this page provides you with an overview of your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Federal regulations require that financial aid recipients meet all published standards in order to maintain aid eligibility. SAP standards apply for all federal, state, and institutional grants, loans, and work-study. Visit the Satisfactory Academic Progress page on the Financial Aid website to ensure you understand the evaluation criteria. 

Select “Satisfactory Academic Progress” from the Dashboard Menu under the “Financials" menu option. The Expand/Collapse icon is only shown if one or more of the evaluation criteria has not been satisfied. Expanding will show your status for each criteria. 
Satisfactory Academic Progress Menu

In addition, should you not satisfy all SAP criteria, a Message Center communication will be sent to you with detailed instructions as shown in the example images below. You can access your Message Center under the Tasks section on the left navigation menu.
Message Center
Financial Aid Eligibility Message



For further assistance contact the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office at 530-898-6451 or


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