Record your Computer Screen & Webcam using Kaltura Capture from Canvas

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Kaltura Capture has a simple user interface, requiring only one click to record, without complex setup or a lengthy learning curve.

Kaltura Capture is supported both on Windows and Mac. You can record

  • Camera and a screen

  • Two camera inputs at once, or

  • Two screens

Locating and Launching Kaltura Capture

  1. Login to Canvas  and select My Media located on the menu on the left hand side. 

canvas home page with arrow pointing to my media

  1. Click on Add New and Select Kaltura Capture.
    Canvas My media page with arrows pointing to add new and kaltura capture

  2. When Kaltura Capture is used for the first time you will be prompted to download the appropriate version Mac or PC. Each browser may prompt you with a unique message.
    Kaltura Capture Desktop recorder page with Download links highlighted
    Once the application has installed return to My Media, click on Add New and select Kaltura Capture.  

A dialogue box will open with the following message:  Select open Kaltura Capture

Open kaltura capture dialogue box

  1. Kaltura Capture will open and look as followed:
    Kaltura capture toolbar

Kaltura Capture Recording Options

There are several ways you can use Kaltura Capture to Record.  Please select the link below to review the options available. Recording Options for Kaltura Capture  The most common combination is recording a screen and camera. 


Recording Camera and Screen

Camera and settings are set to the optimal quality available by default, so you can start recording. If you would like to change the camera or screen input or other settings perform the following steps:

To set your camera and screen settings

  1. Click on the arrow next to the Video icon.
    Kaltura capture toolbar with arrow pointing to the chevron next to the camera button

  2. Select the Input source (camera) you are going to record from, from the drop-down menu.  If there is more than one camera connected to your PC, select the camera you want to record from.

  3. Click on the arrow next to screen icon.
    kaltura capture with arrow pointing to the chevron next to the screen button

  4. Select the screen you are going to record from the Screen drop-down menu. If there is more than one screen connected to your PC, select the screen you would like to record.

  5. Click Full Screen to record the entire screen. Click Select Area to record a set area of your screen. Choose the relevant area or customize the screen area by resizing the cropping window.  See Recording Your Screen or Partial Screen.
    kaltura capture toolbox with arrow pointed to the full screen checkbox


Recording in Kaltura Capture

Once the recording options have been selected press the red button to start recording

kaltura capture toolbar with an arrow pointing to the record button

The record panel will shrink allowing users to annotate, pause, resume, or cancel a recording. 

kaltura capture toolbar with an arrow pointing to the annotation button


Completing Your Recording 

After you “Stop” recording, the following message is displayed 

Recording completed and saved successfully confirmation box

After you "stop" your recording you will be directed to the entry page, enter the title any description or tags and select save and upload.

It is important to wait until the video is fully uploaded before quitting the application.  Kaltura will display a progress bar of the upload process. Kaltura will display the following windows during the upload process. The final message that your recording was saved successfully is displayed.

Progress barstarted uploading media confirmation box

All the recorded videos are stored locally in your Recordings directory. If you have not changed the Recordings directory during the installation, the default recording directory is C:\ProgramFiles\Kaltura\Capture\Recordings.

All videos that have been saved and uploaded will be located in your MyMedia located on the homepage of Canvas.

Canvas sidebar with an arrow pointing to My Media


Embedding Kaltura Media Recordings in Canvas

How you embed your Kaltura recordings in Canvas, depends on your role as faculty or student.


  1. From Canvas, navigate to your course.

  2. Select Assignments in the menu. 

  3. Choose +Assignment
    Canvas assignments page with new assignment button highlighted

  4. Name the Assignment and select Kaltura Logo
    New assignment page with an arrow pointing to the Kaltura logo

  5. Locate the media file and select Embed

Embed kaltura media window with arrow pointing to the embed button

  1. Select Save or Save and Publish when ready. 


  1. When in the assignment, select Text Entry

Once selected, press the three dots and select the Kaltura logo. 

Assigment submissions page

  1. Select Embed once finding desired video

Embed kaltura media page with arrow pointing to embed button


3. Select Submit Assignment when finished.


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