How to Create a Kaltura Interactive Video Quiz

Quick Links: | Create a Quiz | Score Settings | Quiz Experience | Add Questions | Embed in Canvas |  View Quiz Analytics and Grades 

Access Kaltura “My Media” Module to Create a Quiz

  1. From your Canvas home page, click on the My Media module to access your Kaltura videos.


  1. Click Add New and select Video Quiz from the dropdown menu.

  1. If your video has already been uploaded to Kaltura, click the Select button next to the video.

  • Tip: Use the Sort options if you have a lot of media in your library.

  1. Or, if you haven’t uploaded your video to Kaltura yet, you can click Upload Media to upload the video file. 

(For more help on uploading videos to Kaltura, visit xxx.)

  1. Once you select the video, the Quiz Editor screen will appear. Here you can change the quiz details, scores, and experience.


Quiz Scores settings

Upon Submission

Resulting Display for the end-user

Allow Multiple Attempts

Allow viewers to take the quiz more than once.

Do Not Show Scores

A 'Thank You' message will display after submitting the quiz.
No scores will be presented to the quiz-taker.

Show Scores

Your students  will see the quiz score page after the quiz is submitted.

Include Answers

Your students will be able to see correct/incorrect answers, as well as the correct answer’s rationale if you chose to add it during the quiz creation (add link to where we talk about the “Why” button)


Quiz Experience settings


Resulting Display for the end-user

Allow Answers Change

Allows students to change their answers before submitting the quiz, during review mode.

Allow Skip

Students will be presented with the 'skip for now' button, allowing them to skip a question and come back to it.

Do not Allow Skip

Students must submit an answer before proceeding forward.

No seeking forward

Students will not be able to use the seek bar to navigate the video past the point they viewed. 


Adding questions

  1. Move the video playhead to the location on the timeline where you want to add a question.

  2. Click the Add a Question button in the video preview window, and choose the question type.

  1. Add the question text into the Add a Question Here field

  • Type the correct answer into the Add CORRECT Answer Here field

  • In the Add Additional Answer Here field: two answers are mandatory.

  • Click the + sign to add more answers. You may add up to four answers (maximum). Hover over the three dots in the answers to manually drag the answers to re-order them..

  1. When adding a True/False question, select the correct answer by clicking to the left of the answer choice.

  1. Use the Shuffle icon to shuffle the order of the answers and ensure that the correct answer is not presented at the same order every time.
  2. You can Preview the quiz by clicking the preview button.
  3. Select Done.
  4. Select Go to Media Page.

How to embed your video quiz in Canvas

  1. Create a new assignment in your Canvas course. To do this, go to the "Assignments" tab on the left-hand side of the course navigation menu, and select +Assignment. You will be prompted to provide a name and description for the assignment.
  2. Next, you will need to set the point value for the assignment. Click on the "Points" field and enter the number of points you want to assign to the assignment

    Canvas edit assignment page. User is entering 100 in the points field. Arrows point to the points field and the 'Find' button for the external tool.
  3. Now, you need to choose the Kaltura video quiz option for your assignment. In the Submission Type dropdown, and select External Tool. Then, select Find to search for the Kaltura video quiz tool. Select the Kaltura Video Quiz tool from the list of external tools.

    Configure External Tool dialog. User is selecting the Kaltura Video Quiz tool from the list of external tools.
  4. In the dialog window, select Embed next to the video quiz you want to embed.Kaltura Video Quiz dialog. User is selecting the Embed button next to the video quiz they want to embed. An arrow points to the Embed button.
  5. In the External Tools dialog, click on the "Select" button.
  6. Next, click on the Save and Publish button to return to the Canvas assignments page.
  7. Finally, you can add the Kaltura video quiz assignment to a module in your course. Go to the Modules tab on the left-hand side of the course navigation menu, and select the module where you want to add the assignment. Click on the "+" button to add a new item, and select Assignment from the drop-down menu. Choose the Kaltura video quiz assignment you just created and select Add Item.
  1. Submit. Your quiz now displays for students and is connected to your grade book.

How to edit existing Kaltura video quiz questions or settings

  1. From Blackboard Learn, select Faculty Home.

  2. Select the My Media module to access your Kaltura videos.

  3. Locate your Kaltura quiz and select the pencil Edit icon.


  1. Select Launch Editor.


  1. After making the changes to the quiz, click Done to save.

How to view video quiz analytics

  1. From your Blackboard or Canvas home page, click My Media to access your Kaltura videos.

Canvas Home Page. Click the My Media button to go to your Media.


  1. Click the title of your video quiz.

  2. Click Analytics from the Actions menu below the video player.


  1. The first Video Analytics tab displays general video statistics during a set time frame. You can view the video number of views and engagement, video performance over time, How player impressions lead to engagement, top countries, device overview, and top domains


  1. The second Quiz Questions tab displays the list of all the questions along with an overall results from your students.

  2. Click the question name to display the Last Attempt’s Results.


  1. The third Quiz Users tab displays each student’s attempt and score.

  2. Click the name of the student to see what they answered for each question.


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